Asia-Pacific Sprint (since 1995)

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Next AP Sprint: 12 February 2022 / 1100-1300 UTC / 20m & 40m / CW

Result of #80 AP Sprint
Electronic certificates will be available for download soon
Raw Scores before cross-checking and Public Logs

Plaque Winners for year 2021

AP Sprint certificate winners from 2011 and after may now request an official AP Sprint t-shirt.
Individuals can request only one t-shirt, regardless of the number of Sprint wins or different
callsigns used.  And only those who have never won a t-shirt in any previous AP Sprint are eligible.
We have a limited number of t-shirts left, so this offer is only valid while stocks last.
T-shirts will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis by writing to: <>
Please include your name, address, callsign and date of your AP Sprint win.

The electronic certificates are made available for download instead of paper certificates
from the AP Sprints in 2017.

AP Sprint Rule in Japanese translated for reference only

QSY rule
        CW - called station (usually CQer) QSYs at least 1 kHz after a QSO
        SSB - called station (usually CQer) QSYs at least 6 kHz after a QSO

APSprint Plaque
        APSprint Certificate
* As Asia-Pacific Sprint awards are funded by the committee members personally - as well as other generous donors like CQ Ham Radio (Japan) - every effort must be made to minimize overheads.  Due to this, awards for one year will not be dispatched until the subsequent year.  Thank you for your patience & participation!
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